Pastor Charles Garcia’s on stage experience began in his early years as a member of his father’s Polynesian Dance Troupe that traveled the country in the 1960’s, and is where he met his wife, Lehua. Pastor Garcia is an Honors graduate from the California State University & Drew Postgraduate and UCLA Medical Schools, and is a Senior Physician Assistant.  In 1974, Pastor Garcia was among the first PA’s in the profession, when all were former military combat medics and corpsmen. He served honorably in the US Navy and US Marine Corps with the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, known as “The Walking Dead”, where he was wounded in combat, in Vietnam in 1967.


    Pastor Garcia was a student of Dr. Eugene Scott of The Wescott Christian Center, where he also served as his Chief Medical Officer, for almost 30 years. Pastor Garcia began The Children Of The Free Ministry in 2007 when the calling to continue the teaching of his mentor, Dr. Eugene Scott directed him to do so. In 2009, Pastor Garcia relocated to the Intermountain West, part of the “American Redoubt” to find a place where he could live a more satisfying life void of the hustle and bustle of Southern California where he had raised his family.


    What began as a small family ministry has blossomed into a nationwide Online Ministry with congregants from coast to coast.


     His special interests include martial arts (Black Belt), outdoor activities, family life, music, and dogs..

We teach and believe that for Faith & Trust God gives us Grace & Peace.  

Faith is Action, Based on Belief, sustained by Confidence that God will do what He said.


Thus, Faith is something you do, not something you have. God's not looking for good behavior or perfection, He's looking for people who will trust Him! Anything else you offer God, especially your own righteousness, is viewed by God as filthy rags. Yet if you act in Faith, Trusting Him, Claiming His promises that apply, He gives you Grace & Peace & puts Christ's righteousness on you, for your faith, with nothing else attached.


With a few exceptions, that message has been lost and the entire Church world pulled off track (by Satan) until Dr. Eugene Scott rescued the message with his teaching on Faith. We are in the business of and dedicated to the continuation of that Faith message.